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Zoo Enclosures & Public Aquariums

"My childhood dream was to one day build a zoo incorporating a public aquarium, I remember the days I spent drawing animal enclosures trying to think of ways to improve public attractions. Today knowing that I am making a difference to the lives of thousands of animals and adding further knowledge to our understanding of nature fills me with great joy and I know my young self would be proud of what we design and build". Ben Woodward BSc (hons) - Company Director

The Process

If you have a project in the pipeline - please get in contact:

To start a pragmatic conversation about your scheme.

Initial discussions are free of charge, no obligation and highly encouraged. With our experiences of a wide range of displays we can usually offer expert suggestions on ways to get more out of your budget without compromising quality.

Most of our work is all in house and as such we can deliver projects with a greater efficiency and economical advantage over our competitors because of our minimum to no reliance on sub-contractors and our low overhead business model.

We specialise in all enclosures that involve water from sub-ground flamingo enclosures to above ground stunning aquarium displays for fish such as sharks, stingrays, reefs, Amazon, African and all associated aquatic biotopes including other animals / mammals but not limited to:

- Alligators & Crocodiles

- Flamingo

- Aquariums and associated filtration / pumps / LSS

- Penguins

- Turtles

- Otters

- Pond construction in all enclosures

- Polar Bears

- Moats

- Elephant Ponds

- Renovation of existing enclosures / aquariums

- New build public aquarium attractions

We are happy to offer discounts to projects that are aimed at wildlife conservation such as breeding programs or educational purposes.

Our displays are built to last the test of time and we never compromise on build or material quality. Our water proof finish is smooth to prevent epidermal damage to animals.

We are leading experts in water quality including the reduction of nitrogenous wastes, maintaining healthy oxygen levels, ice prevention and all associated issues that come with re circulating water with animals.

As mentioned please do get in contact for a no obligation discussion -

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Fibreglassing enclosure
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