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We design and build aquariums ranging from factory built aquariums supplied and installed to super high end bespoke aquariums.

We also renovate and install new public aquarium attractions or large private tanks. We helped design the first public aquarium in Nigeria.

We have everything 'in house' and benefit from excellent trade relationships - we are competitively priced and always exceed the expectations of our clients. We have excellent access to London and regularly carry out work there. 

Working with our clients closely to understand fully what they would like to achieve as an end result is paramount to a successful install. It is a regular occurrence for us to be called to a client and their dream is considered too much for the average installer; we love all our projects and particularly relish a challenge so we have an all projects considered approach no matter how outside the box they may be.

Our bespoke aquariums use high end fittings and materials to ensure the quality of the room they are being installed in is fully maintained around the aquarium. For example an aquarium hood in a kitchen with soft close hinges will have the same. If there is 19mm solid walnut panelling to be matched then it will be with the same degree of joinery or higher. 

Our aquariums installations also 'work'! Strange thing to say I know but there are a lot of people that have been put off having a bespoke aquarium because the filtration systems etc do not work and the fish health suffers. We have an array of experience ranging from small domestic aquariums to installations for Sea Life Centres, it is because of this we build aquariums for the long term that have filtration systems that are efficient and low maintenance. 

We can work closely with architects and interior designers to ensure their dream of something special becomes a reality. We have a wealth of building experience at our finger tips and can often offer pragmatic advice for the structure in and around the aquarium.


We offer all services from:


Supply only

Supply and installation

Supply, Installation and Training

Supply, Installation and Maintenance

We have acted in the past and are happy to act again as consultants for other installation companies on projects that may be new to them and could do with our knowledge.

We are also used regularly as sub contractors on projects



Types of Aquariums

All types! - Marine, Freshwater, Temperate, Jellyfish,

Large Tanks - Sharks, Stingrays, tank busters.

Walk through tunnels

Walk over tanks 


Aquarium Maintenance

Maintenance contracts have been running since 2001, we are gaining new customers very regularly and our first original customer is still a valued customer. We maintain home and business aquariums.

Some customers require a one off maintenance visit or renovation of their aquarium