From a blank canvass, with leading knowledge and

experience we will make a design that will be

strikingly beautiful, easy to manage long term. We

work out a planting plan before construction takes

place in order to have an abundance of different

species of plants.

We have access to all the latest excavation

technologies including laser guidance for getting

the water levels and planting shelves perfect.

Commissioning of a lake is an excellent way to

promote all levels of wildlife, having a healthy body

of water will promote more flowers in the local area

as water invertebrates are extremely efficient pollinators.


We use a multitude of techniques for lining lakes including ancient methods, clay impregnated liners, butyl liners, concrete and fibreglass. We will suggest the method we think is best for the site.


Dredging, re profiling banks, planting, we also have access to an amphibious excavator for trickier bodies of water. We have renovated lakes on private estates and for various different councils.


Ponds and Swimming Ponds


The design and build of some of the finest ornamental ponds in the world, all types of ponds from natural to Koi. We have built hundreds.

Waterfalls, fountains, water courses etc.


Thorough understanding of modern filtration, critical analysis of new products to ensure the filtration systems we install are well thought out for the particular pond we are working on.


Re lining, re profiling, renovation of grade listed ponds.

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