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Shop Fitting

See our dedicated website for our site highlighting our wonderful shop fitting services

With over 20 years of working closely with aquatic shops, we have developed some of the most efficient systems available that are not only low maintenance and practical, they also look great.

All of our systems are bespoke and designed specifically to the business model of the aquatic retailer, listening to the client’s demands and future goals we establish a system that suits their long term aspirations for the fish section.

With degree level knowledge in aquaculture and systems mechanisation we incorporate tried and tested fish farming technologies and understandings into our systems.

Our filtration systems are designed to promote autotrophic bacteria which are more efficient at dealing with the nitrogenous wastes associated with fish and with this it reduces the amount of heterotrophic bacteria which are the main cause of pathogenic loads in aquatic systems. Does your shop have problems with ulcers? Aeromonas? Pseudomoas? Parasites? Our systems reduce the amount of bacterium that are responsible for the majority of fish diseases.

Our rule is – it is a commercial enterprise, use commercial systems not ornamental aquatic filters to run your shops, the loads are higher than they can cope with.

Pond Systems available:

  • Our budget goldfish system

  • Fibreglass standard system with integrated filtration

  • Bespoke fibreglass tank system with bespoke filtration



We have two standard designs – a classic rack system or a modern stepped stack system.

goldfish system.jpg
IMG-20211202-WA0006 (1).jpeg
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