• Fish disease diagnosis
  • Filtration design for obtaining the best possible water quality from the area available.
  • Affordable maintenance contracts for ponds and aquariums are available.
  • Pond Construction / Design
  • Aquarium installation for homes and business
  • Aquarium / fish tank construction
  • Staff training in maximising systems and sales for ornamental retail outlets.

Based in Sussex in the South of England. Undertaking a variety of services from aquarium construction (bespoke/ custom made on and off site fish tank installation) lake renovation and construction, pond design and construction, water features and aquarium installation for homes, businesses and public display. Working mainly in Sussex in the south of England we are also able to meet customer needs in London and nationally in the UK. We are available to work internationally. We are in Jersey in the channel islands regularly.Fishkeeping.EU is constantly developing cutting edge designs for aquatic environments to enable an enjoyable fish keeping experience.



Bespoke moat around Art Deco house, Custom water feature, large pond.

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